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Katja Bamberger Bro

Katja Bamberger Bro


FOCKSy is an event- and marketing agency, which specializes in traditional and strategic marketing, PR and events both in and outside Denmark.

The owner, Katja Bamberger Bro, has a background in marketing, working with local and American companies within different kinds of business (film, IT and FMCG) in Scandinavia, Iceland and England. She is known to be an ‘idea bank’, so just give her a few ‘key words’ and watch the ideas unfold!


Good events require first and foremost consulting the clients to find out in which ranges they imagine the size – and price. Once that is established FOCKSy will be in contact with different caterers and locations. We’ll also discuss options like photographer, print material/invitations, goodie bags, decorations, lights, theme/theme colors, happenings (i.e. for children’s parties: magicians, jumping castle, face painters, balloons or for adult parties: photo booths, DJ/band/singer, bartender)

Marketing requires a good understanding of the client’s brand and a good understanding of the future and of where the brand is heading. This requires meetings and openness from the client, but once established this will make the ideas flow easily – especially for new ways to design marketing plans and campaigns, GWP, packaging, a competitive environment etc.


Contact FOCKSy to talk about your next event or marketing campaign.

Katja Bamberger Bro
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